Wayang Bocor Process — Part 3 “Semelah (God Bliss)” a.k.a “In the Name of Semelah”

Exploring and Arranging Puppet Scenes – November 2016


November was the third month of process of Wayang Bocor’s “In The Name of Semelah”. Along the way, the title was changed to “Semelah (God Bliss)”, through a process of discussion with Jennifer Lindsay (script and subtitle translator). The title change was based on the language meaning and sense that are more representative for the public with English as a first language and a more universal public.

After two months of exploring all elements and acting, this month’s process was focusing more on the forms of wayang (shadow puppets) and arranging the scenes as a whole. The challenge in arranging the scenes is the movement of the actor scene in front of the screen into the shadows behind the screen while at the same time the puppets are being played. The ability of the dalang (puppet master) and actors is very significant. In addition, the presence of music and lighting as elements that create space and atmosphere strengthen the whole series of scenes.

The practice target for November was the completion of the entire scenes because there will be a preview of the show at IFI/LIP Yogyakarta on December 18, 2016 for limited audience.



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