Wayang Bocor Process — Part 4 “Semelah (God Bliss)” a.k.a “In the Name of Semelah”

Preview Show

IFI/LIP Yogyakarta — December 18, 2016


After going through the process of training for three months since September, the training in December was focused on the performance at IFI/LIP Yogyakarta on December 18, 2016. This performance is a preview and farewell show for limited audience. This performance was also used to evaluate the overall performance to be improved upon later performance in the United States in January 2017.

The show got an enthusiastic and positive response from the public. The audiences amount to 180 people, which consist of invited guests, the general public, and journalists. The limited capacity of the theater couldn’t accommodate the public who want to see this performance.

Currently, the team is re-focusing on training for the preparation of the performance in the United States (New York, North Carolina, and Los Angeles) in January 2016. The performances in the United States is a commissioned work by Asia Society. In addition to the training process, the team also started preparing the packing process of the whole sets, props, and costumes, because the departure will not use cargo. The team not using cargo is a new policy so that the show can always be performed modestly with minimal sufficient number of team members.

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