Team Profile


Eko Nugroho; young artist (born 1977). Studied fine art since high school (Fine Art High School Yogyakarta – SMSR) and contieko-nugrohonued to Indonesia Institute of the Arts. His works has been presented in solo exhibitions since 2000 in Indonesia, Jepang, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Korea, Germany, Australia, France, Holland and USA.

He has completed residency programs since 2004. Selected list of institutions he has partnered are Tyler Print Institute Singapore 2012, ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlshure-Germany 2011, SAM Art Projects Villa Raffet-Paris France 2011, Heden Den Haag-Holland 2008,Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans Lousiana – USA 2008. His works has also been displayed in exhibitions such as “Art for Cancer” – Museum of Art and Ceramics Jakarta 2014, Jogja Biennale: Equator #2 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta – Indonesia 2013, California Pacific Trienale Orange County Museum of Art, USA 2013.

He has received awards such as Best Illustration Kompas Short Stories 2009, Academy Art Award for Emerging Artist, Indonesian Institute of Arts 2008, dan Best Artists of the Year, Tempo magazine 2005. In 2008, to materialize his ideas in the realm of performing arts, he created Wayang Bocor in collaboration with various artist.



Gunawan Maryanto; active as a writer and director at Teater Garasi: Laboratorium of Theater Creations. Resides in Yogyakarta. His publications are : Waktu Batu (play, co written by Andri Nur Latif and Ugoran Prasad, IndonesiaTera 2004), Bon Suwung (short story anthology, InsistPress 2005), Galigi (short stories, Koekoesan Publishing 2007), Perasaan-perasaan yang Menyusun Sendiri Petualangannya (Poetryi, Omahsore Publisher 2008), Usaha Menjadi Sakti (short stories, Omahsore Publisher 2009) and Sejumlah Perkutut buat Bapak (poetry, Omahsore Publisher) which received Khatulistiwa Award 2010). He was invited to read his works at The International Literature Bienalle Internasional Utan Kayu 2005, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2006 and Korean ASEAN Poetry Literary Festival II 2011.

His directing works with teater Garasi are Sri (adaptattion of F. Garcia Lorca’s Yerma which was staged in Yogyakarta, Surakarta 1999), Repertoar Hujan (Gunawan Maryanto’s authentic works, which was performed in Jogjakarta, Surakarta, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Tokyo, 2001—2005), Dicong Bak (collaborative works between Tikar Pandan Aceh and Teater Embassy – The Netherlands, performed in Banda Aceh and Jogjakarta, 2006), The Zoo Story (Edward Albee, performed in Jogjakarta, 2007), Tuk (Bambang Widoyo Sp, performed in Jakarta and Jogjakarta, 2007-2008), Oidipus di Kolonus (Shopocles, performed in Jogjakarta, 2008), Bocah Bajang (performed in Jogja, 2009), Krontjong Mendoet (performed in Jogja, 2012) and Gandamayu (co-director Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, performed in Jakarta 2012).




Ari Wulu; an electronic musician also known by the name midi DJUNKIE and WVLV. He initiated electronic music forum SoundBoutique in 2005. With his collective, currently he is developing an application for Gamelan. Since 2011 he implemented electronic music workshop in Yogyakarta to whoever are interested, called FRONT303.

A few of his audio work are : Designer of Interactive Gamelan Multimedia at Taman Pintar Yogyakarta – 2007, Music design of the opening of Indonesia’s football league aLiga Primer Indonesia – 2010, Music Ilustratror of Jogja Java Carnival 2010. His music interactions are Theater: “Sebuah Usaha Menulis Surat Cinta” written by Puthut EA and Joned Suryatmoko – 2014, Concert: TRADIGITAL Opening of Yogyakarta Arts Festival with Noranari Dance, #JVMP, DJ Innerlight, and Aris Sumarsono. Collaborative concert with Bambu Wukir at 17th anniversary of Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival – 2012, DJ performance “Submerged”, Legian Bali with Electrofux & Legendary Gatotkaca – 2011.

He has been facilitator and panelist in various music workshops such as Gamelan Day at Festival Gamelan Yogyakarta – 2009, Elektronic Music Workshop at Pelita Hati Kuala Lumpur – 2006, Workshop on Digital Music Production Jakarta and Workshop on Digital Music for Beginners in Surabaya – 2004, and Workshop Digital Studio Surabaya – 2002,
Currently he is active as Director of Forum SoundBoutique, Board Commitee of Festival Gamelan Yogyakarta, Sound Technician at Gameloft, and Director of Yogyakarta Arts Festival.



Banjar Tri Andaru Cahyo; a man who worked as lighting designer and videographs. His interest in stage light design was whenBanjar he joined Teater Garasi in 1996. He was involved in various lighting workshops: Lighting workshop at Asia Contemporary Dance Festival – (Yogyakarta,2001) and similar workshop at Teater Salihara (Jakarta, 2009).

He has been involved in various stage works with various companies namely, with Teater Garasi; in Reportoar Hujan (2001), Monolog Sungai (2007), Bunga Lantana (2007), Lelaki itu Mengaku sebagai Jamal (2007-2008), Ophelia; rahasia kolam kematian (2007-2008), Pangeran Bintang dan Putri Embun (2011), Goyang Penasaran(2012), Jangkar Babu Sangkar Madu (2013). With Teater Gardanalla: Bertiga (2009), Sebuah Usaha Menulis Surat Cinta ( 2014). With The Migrating Troop (dance); Soda untuk Cita (2010), The Pussy Foot (2012). Papermoon Puppet Theatre; diantaranya: Mwathirika (2010-2012), Mwathirika USA Tour (2012), Mwathirika at Darwin Festival (2013), Mwathirika at World Puppet Carnival (2013), Laki-Laki Laut (2013), Setjangkir Kopi dari Plaja (2013).

Banjar who currently work at KosongTiga Media, has also worked for music stage productions and concerts such as The Rise and Fall of a Scoundrel Queen, (Risky summerbee and The Honeythief 2007); promotional concert of Efek Rumah Kaca’s Kamar Gelap (2009); Opera Matahari (2009); Head Hunting, Tika and The Dissidents (2010); Histoire du Soldat, Dutch Chamber Music Company (2011); Krontjong Mendoet, Irama Tongkol Teduh (2012); Happy Coda, FRAU (2013); Punkasila (2014).



Ramdhani Mangku Alam S.Sn; known by the name biasa dipanggil sebagai Dhan Brain, the 1981 Institute of the Arts Theater graduate has been working on stage artistics since his student days. His has contributed to various productions of theater, dance, music, carnival with his specialization of stage design, props, make up and costume.

His art direction can be seen in ‘Tinjak Tanah’ and Teater ‘Lelak’ 2013. He was the accessories designer of Busana Mahkota Merak UNY Yogyakarta, make up artist and costume and props designer for Isti Nugroho’s “Pengadilan Pekik”, make up artist and costume designer for ‘Endank Soekamti’ concert roadshow 2012. In 2011 he was involved in Rukman Rossadi’s art direction in Gift, Dongeng Cinta di Musim Hujan. He also directed the art department for the Anniversary of Kartika Chandra Hotel – Semanggi, Jakarta.

He has facilitated various workshops namely, make up workshops at Vocational High School in Tulungagung, University of Surabaya- UBAYA Surabaya, UNESA Surabaya, Gunadarma University – Depok, make up and costume workshop in UPN Jakarta, and workshop make up

He is currently an active costume and make up designer at Teater ‘Sego Gurih’ Yogyakarta, artistic division in ‘Saturday Acting Club’ (SAC) Yogyakarta, and part time teaching staff at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Serpong Tangerang dan sedang menempuh pendidikan Pascasarjana di ISI Yogyakarta.



Theresia Wulandari; graduate from the Dance Faculty Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta currently active as an artist and teaching staff. Has been involved in various performances mainly dance since 2002. Her involvements include Ramayana Epic Dance, Prambanan 2003 – now, acting as Kunthi in Basukarno – Temu Taman Budaya Jambi 2013. played the role of Dewi Suprobo in Human Puppet Festival (Festival Wayang Orang WOSBI – Solo 2011).

Apart from being known as a dancer, she is also a choreographer of Arya Penangsang 2003, Kijang Kasmaran 2006, Romu 2007, Atmo Senthir – Regional Dance Parade Yogyakarta 2013, Goprak – National Children Dance Competition in Surabaya 2013. She received numerous awards namely The Best Expressive Dancer in Festival Wayang Orang Yogyakarta 2011 and the best female role in “Ken Umang” – Festival Kethoprak 2012.

She is a television presenter, and was involved in Teater Garasi’s “Krontjong Mendoet” – 2012, the leading vocalist of Acapella Mataraman 2005 – now. She has also performed in Ramayana – Thailand 2008, Festival Hualien Music Internasional 2010, Acapella Mataraman – Festival Art Singapura 2011 and Paper Puppet – Arts Mission in Australia 2011.



Muhammad Nur Qomaruddin; a resident artist in Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute, whose career started with his involvement in Teater Tangga UMY. He was a graduate from Teater Garasi’s Actor Studio with basic acting 2006 and further studies in 2009. In 2012, he underwent a resdency program with Teater Garasi collective in Cheunchen Korea Selatan.

With Teater Garasi he played in a number of productions namely Domba-domba Revolusi – 2007 and Bocah Bajang – 2009 which was directed by Gunawan Maryanto, Goyang Penasaran (The Obsessive Twist) 2011 – 2012 written and directed by Naomi Srikandi and “Sehabis Suara #1” directed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin.

He was involved in Anton Chekov’s “The Seagull” directed by Corrina Manara of Theater Embassy The Netherlands – 2008. “Selamat Datang dari Bawah” dance piece choreographed by Fitri Setyaningsih – 2010, “Medea Media” directed by Naomi Srikandi – 2010, participant in Indonesia Dramatic Reading Festival since 2010 – now. In 2014 collaborate with visual artist Jompet Kuswidananto in his exhibition ‘Order and After’ and also in Agung Kurniawann’s work MasyaAllah Transgenic.



Adi Wisanggeni; born in 1981, he encountered the performing arts scene in 2006 and majored stage management when he was appointed studio staff if Teater Garasi – a position he currently is in . He was involved in almost all Teater Garasi’s production since 2007 as stage personnel. His comprehension in lighting technical issues and stage settings saw him a first choice in teater Garasi’s works, making him also a lighting designer in events outside Teater Garasi.

He has worked with Karta Pustaka, Oxen Free Cafe, Kanisius School Jakarta. His desire is to own a meatball (bakso) enterprise



EGA KUSPRIYANTO; born in 1983 and graduated from Amikom Yogyakarta and now resides in Minomartani Sleman Yogyakarta. He was involved in stage works since 2005 with several productions such as Gandamayu directed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin and Gunawan Maryanto 2012, The Third Body directed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin 2010, and Sum; Cerita dari Rantau written and played by Verry Handayani 2008.

Aside from Teater Garasi, he has also been involved with Teater Gardanala – Joned Suryatmoko, Jompet Kuswidananto, And Padneçwara Dance Company Jakarta.
He is also a musician with Irama Tongkol Teduh playing Ukulele.




ARS MANAGEMENT  TEAM; A Management Team in various events and is now working with Studio Eko Nugroho’s Wayang Bocor.


Kartika Wahyuning Nugrahani; known by the name Hani, she encountere the performing arts scene in 2010 when she joined Teater Garasi as administration staff in 2014 – during which she was involved in the ticketing department in various productions such as Medea Media – 2010 and Goyang Penasaran – 2011 directed by Naomi Srikandi.

Various productions of Teater Gandrik from 2010 – now, and Padneçwara classic dance in Jakarta 2010.





Ratri Kartika Sari; experienced in the performing arts management for 10 years. She joined Teater Garasi with posts Manager of Finance, Office and Marketing. She is currently studying Masters at Magistra Management (MM) UGM.

She managed ticket management in Teater Gandrik’s productions since 2010, Production Manager of Garibaba’s Strange World – Pappatarahumara Jepang, Javanese Classical Dance “Savitri” choreographed by Retno Maruti – Padneçwara Jakarta, Teater Tetas – directed by the late AGS. Dipayana

She was also involved in Teater Garasis works namely Sum; Cerita dari Rantau,, and The Third Body. In 2009 she was appointed as Operational Manager of Internasional Symposium on Indonesia’s Performing Arts I and marketing manager / assistant prodocer of JogjaBroadway; an entertaining, educating production with heaps of imaginations.



Collaborator within the Period of 2008 – 2012
1. Ki Catur Kuncoro: shadow puppeteer
2. Yennu Ariendra: Music Composer
3. Ignatius “Clink” Sugiarto: Stage and Light Designer
4. Joned Suryatmoko: Playwright