It Had Been Succeed Performed – Wayang Bocor; Dimiscall Leluhur – Galeri Indonesia Kaya Jakarta

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Wayang Bocor performance; “Dimiscall Leluhur” had been succeed performed on 10 October 2015. Jakarta residents’ passion is very positive, proven by the number of audiences who watched this performance in ‘Galeri Indonesia Kaya’ Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. The longing of Jakarta residence for traditional art as well contemporary art was relieved after watched Wayang Bocor’s performance.

In this performance, Wayang Bocor told about media relation and reality, how the mediais able to lead to the fact and also about the reality of family relation, slowly but sure, is changed pushed by media presence.  This piece has been performed in Yogyakarta on December 2014 in Javanese language. Especially for the performance in Jakarta, some text are changed in Indonesian language to adjust with the Jakarta’s audiences that more heterogeneous. Even though, the message and the humorous of story in this performance had been succeed to entertain and break for a moment from routine activities.

One of Jakarta audience naming on facebook as “One Zhan” wrote his experiences when watched Wayang Bocor; Dimiscall Leluhur as performance that very entertaining and full meaning in its simplicity:

So, just waiting for our next show…

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