Wayang Bocor Performance “Dimiscall Leluhur” – Galeri Indonesia Kaya Jakarta

Dimiscall Leluhur-ars

“Dimiscall Leluhur” one of Wayang Bocor’s creations that were performed in December 2014 will be back again. “Dimiscall Leluhur will be presented in Galeri Indonesia Kaya (GIK) Jakarta as a part of the 2nd of GIK anniversary.  This performance will be held at 10 October 2015 in Galeri Indonesia Kaya Jakarta, on 3 pm. This performance which is supported by Bhakti Budaya Djarum Foundation is expected to be one of alternatives entertainment for urban society who miss the shadow puppet performance. Wayang Bocor will greet again Wayang Bocor’s audiences in Jakarta and also knowing better shadow puppet contemporary theatre to broad public in Jakarta. Its contemporary style will give a new style of shadow puppet and its performance is very entertaining, light, can be watched by anyone, and full of meanings. Wayang Bocor’s theme is always contextual issues aiming to arouse vigilance society for the changing times & changing culture. “Dimiscall Lelulur” tells about social media development that increasingly sophiticasted, varies, and worrying. This performance will help society to be more care and enlightened for technologies development.


An old tree suddenly uninhabited and all the villagers are uproar. Weird things happened haunt their daily live, until a day a girl is gone without a trace. Then, who is the mysterious figure in that old tree? And what kind of relation between that figure with the gone that girl?

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