The Wayang Bocor “Semelah (God Bliss)”

Presents in Indonesia

Yogyakarta – Riau – Jakarta

July 2017


In month of January 2017, The Wayang Bocor has successfully performed “Semelah (God Bliss) in 3 cities in USA; New York, North Carolina, and Los Angeles that is commissioned by Asia Society.  In July 2017, this play will be performed in Indonesia, in 3 cities; Yogyakarta – Riau – Jakarta. In Yogyakarta, the show will be held on 7 & 8 July, in Societet building, TBY, Yogyakarta, then in Riau, on 11 & 12 July, in Anjung Seni Idrus Tintin and in Jakarta will take 2 places in @America pada on 14 July and Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki on 16 & 17 July.

Semelah (God Bliss) tells about the acculturation process of Javanese culture and Islamic teaching. Islamic teaching brought by Sunan Kalijaga. One of 9  guardians (known as wali songo) that its teachings knowing well by the Indonesian society.

This show tour, is supported by Forum Lenteng, Seni Media, dan @America. Further info, please contact: 0878-3883-5758

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