Jogja’s Agenda – December 2017

  1. Transformaking 2017: ALIVE ! a special tribute to our lovely friend, brother, and family, co-founder of HONF Foundation: Tommy Surya (1976 – 2017)
    30 Nov 2017 – at 00.30 pm

IFI LIP Yogyakarta
Rsvp : http/
Join with us in Transformaking 2017 : ALIVE for downing the dangerous path in the future, through the optimistic glasses. We will asking some vital questions, about how the new knowledge could be used to empowerment of society in the exclusive system.

Main speaker:
– Ilham A Habibie (ID)
(Co-Founder, The Habibie Center / THC, Head of Institute for Democracy through Science Technology)

– Tom Rowlands (UK)
(Senior Researcher, Creative Producer, FACT, Liverpool, UK)


  1. JAFF Film Fest

8 December 2017

12th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival chooses “Fluidity” as festival theme. As the essence of fluid (water), this theme describes about Asian cinema condition that always change and maturate in the meantime always keep its main character. Meanwhile, social- culture is an indisputable reality, it’s hard to deny to keep the real character of Asian cinema.


  1. International Difabel Day
  • December 2017

Dria Manunggal Foundation in cooperation with The Geopastial Information Agency BIG CIBINONG, Extraordinary Public School 1 Kalibayem Sewon Yogyakarta, the artist and art studio of role and also Institute Sangkerta Indonesia, present “Milehnium Puppet” GARUDA PERKASA & PETA TAKTUAL NKRI Braille that will be presented for Jokowi;the president, it presents in one event series of Art Performance in title RORO JONGGRANG (Difabel NKRI & Bhinneka Tunggal Ika).



  1. “Adidaya”

1 – 3 December 2017

Lippo mall Yogyakarta

ADIDAYA is a visual branding exhibition presenting 9 culture villages in D.I Yogyakarta. It’s a lecture program in Visual Communication Design of ISI Yogyakarta.

  1. Trajectory

Trajectory: Postgraduate Homecoming of ISI Yogyakarta and Book Launching
Saturday, 2 December 2017, at 9 am – 5 pm
Postgraduate Campus of ISI Yogyakarta
1. Book lauching “Art & Science” by alumni
2. Exhibition and Screening of Alumni Works
3. Homecoming and establishment of alumni board
Ninda Mahartya: 081804300350
Kiki Rahmatika: 085329677348
Dona Carolina: 08111310103 / 087788410500
Elfa Mali: 08562622667

  1. “Nyonya – nyonya” by T E A T E R S A G A
    Show of Teater Gaplok XVII, presented by Basamo Production
    Script: ” NYONYA-NYONYA ” by Wisran Hadi, Saturday, 2 December 2017
    at 7 pm, in Sport Hall of  UPN “Veteran, 2nd Campus,  Yogyakarta
    Free ticket



Saturday, 10 December 2016, at 7 pm.
Venue: Hall of PKKH UGM YK

  • Gandung Djatmiko (Jogja)
  • Citra Pertiwi (Jogja)
  • I Putu Bagus Bang Sada Graha Saputra (Bali)
  • Para Pemburu Panggung (Bandung)
  • Gandara Art Community (Solo)
  • Qolby (Riau)
  • SAC (Jogja)
  • Mila Art Dance & Mila Rosinta (Jogja)

Tinta Tari is a reunion space between dance artists from the various background and dance, thus they could be meet each other with another bodies and also could discuss.
Ticket: Presale 5K, OTS 7K. Ticket outlet: MAD School, Jl. Manggis no 79, Gaten, Concat, Sleman, YK . For more info, please call: 081997528999 (flo)/085786591710 (mila)

  1. “Malam Jahanam”

16 December 2017

Satusaka presents Stage Study in title “Malam Jahanam” by Motinggo Boesje “I’m a blast…….but you’re  also  a blast!” This script tells about coastal area live?fisher live? WRONG!

Get the ticket: Aisyah : 0878-1250-5533/Ali : 0881-2711-022. Ig: @satusaka_

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